VIEWPR – Intelligence

VIEWPR is an innovative platform that aggregates, enhances, and validates information about places and experiences, empowering community members, businesses and government agencies to manage their information in one single place.

It includes descriptive information about the diverse experiences in Puerto Rico, with more than (10k) listings.

This content is compiled in a standardized format that is used by travel operators, wholesalers, retailers and travel platforms to manage information in their websites.

VIEWPR collects data on travel supply and visitor activity that is used for sound decision making, research and, analysis. The byproduct of this intelligence will support strategic planning and measure the socio-economic impact of the Visitor Economy.


VIEWPR will soon be able to add intelligence tools to allow government and travel sector stakeholders to monitor tourism indicators to make sound judgments and projections.

This analytical information will serve as a useful planning tool for local operators who can improve their products and services by understanding visitor preferences.

Ultimately, the intelligence gathered by VIEWPR will allow us to anticipate visitor behavior and identify industry trends.