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If you own, operate or are developing a travel platform or app VIEWPR is for you!
VIEWPR is the most comprehensive and current database for Puerto Rico’s traveler experiences. One of our unique identifiers is the innovative technology used to collect and continuously validate the information we maintain combine with the power of our community volunteers. VIEWPR includes over experiences; from gastronomy, to attractions. Your users will benefit from a vast inventory of listings organized by industry categories, accurate narratives and rich visual content that is relevant and compelling for travelers.

Best of all, we are a non-profit organization that conceived, created and contributed VIEWPR with the intention of attracting more visitors to Puerto Rico to create sustainable socio-economic development that improves the quality of life of all communities and residents throughout the Island.

VIEWPR works for Developers and Travel Platforms - Find here ready to publish travel information

VIEWPR offers developers and travel platforms the most comprehensive database of Puerto Rico’s travel information. By partnering with us, you will have access to quality assured, consumer relevant travel products that go through the following process:

Listings are collected from multiple sources.
Cutting edge technology assists VIEWPR’s team to analyze and maintain the information current and reliable.
Developers and travel platforms retrieve up-to-date listings ready-to-post on their online travel sites and applications.
Ongoing Monitoring
We receive data updates in a continuous validation process.

You are only a few clicks away from finding high quality, current tourism listings and more than images and videos.

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Connecting to VIEWPR is easy as:

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VIEWPR shares and receives data using an Application Program Interface (API), powered by Microsoft Azure, to ensure real time connectivity where aggregators and travel platforms get the most up-to-date data at any time.

VIEWPR API supports JSON outputs and the data can be queried though RESTful URL's and responses are returned in JSON format.

Connecting to VIEWPR is FREE we mainly request you to collaborate with us in keeping the information accurate by sharing any modifications made by you or your end users and letting us know what places your users search for and visit in PR.

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How to work with API (Toolkits)

  • “How do I connect to the database using the API” (Link)