About the Program


At VIEWPR we are looking for people like you to help us gather current information that will attract more visitors to the Island and particularly to your community.

Our Community

VIEWPR seeks to form and empower a community of Ambassadors who through their experiences will showcase Puerto Rico as a formidable travel destination, unleashing our full potential as a world class destination.

Our ambassadors are agents of change dedicated to the promotion and development of the visitor economy in Puerto Rico. They are responsible for gathering, enhancing and curating images, videos, descriptions and other necessary information for the VIEWPR platform of Foundation for Puerto Rico.

Type of Ambassadors

Which type of Ambassador are you?


Support the VIEWPR team by taking pictures and videos of destinations throughout Puerto Rico. You can also provide content you've previously worked on.


  • Have a personal camera
  • Preferably bilingual
  • Experience in photography / videography
  • Easy access to technology (Computer, cellphone, Internet)
  • Availability
  • Responsibility – punctuality, meet requirements and reports.
  • Maintaining constant communication with FPR’s team


Tell a story that entices… Describe the experience with details to spark interest in travelers.


  • Good writing skills
  • Bilingual (Spanish and English, other languages are welcome)
  • Easy access to technology (Computer, cellphone, Internet)
  • Availability
  • Responsibility – punctuality, meet requirements and reports.
  • Maintaining constant communication with FPR’s team


Are you an adventurous soul who likes to explore and find rare and unique experiences in uncommon places? Share your findings of the most beautiful corners of Puerto Rico by suggesting or add new places to the VIEWPR platform.


  • Research skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Outdoor person
  • Substantial availability – do you have a lot of time on your hands?
  • Preferably bilingual
  • Easy access to technology (Computer, cellphone, Internet)
  • Responsibility – punctuality, meet requirements and reports.
  • Maintaining constant communication with FPR’s team

Become an ambassador!

Our Ambassadors

Andrés Villeta (Photographer)
“Having the opportunity to develop my creative skills while contributing to the economic development of my island has been one of the best experiences I ever had.”
Adriana Jiménez (Storyteller)
“I love having the opportunity to talk to local entrepreneurs. It is an experience that helped me to raise awareness of the potential of our island.”
Marilyn Santiago (Photographer)
"After Hurricane Maria, I realized how important it was for me to care and defend my island and that's why I decided to help in every way possible."
Kenia Tiara (Photographer & Explorer)
"Being a VIEWPR Ambassadors means having the opportunity to highlight Puerto Rico's potential for the world by doing what I'm passionate about. I love being the spokesperson and talking with business owners and local artists. Knowing your history is a pleasure and seeing how your product or service contributes to the economy of Puerto Rico. There is much to discover and venture into our island of enchantment, but not many of us have the necessary tools to be the voice and image of our beloved Puerto Rico. "
Jowen Ortiz (Storyteller & Photographer)
"Being a VIEWPR Ambassador is important to me because Puerto Rico is my home, and nobody knows it better than me. I want more people to visit the island and realize that Puerto Rico has everything for everyone. Not only is it important, for me it's an honor to be an ambassador. "
Cristina Pérez (Storyteller) :
"Being a VIEWPR Ambassador has given me the opportunity to get to know Puerto Rico- its ins and outs, its stories, its enchanting landscapes- and to write about my experiences, through my texts, I help foreign and local visitors to know the charms of Puerto Rico, either to discover a five-star chinchorro in the curves of Orocovis or to write about the experience of one day in Las Tinajas."
Edmy Ayala (Storyteller & Photographer)
"Being an ambassador is important for me because I know that I am contributing to make the economy of Puerto Rico successful. The Visitor Economy is important for the development of Puerto Rico and goes much further than receiving more visitors; by means of this the local generate are empowered and are able to generate their own economy under their own terms and vision. "
Gerry Guerrero
Geraldo Pérez (Photographer)
"Puerto Rico is a place like no other, we have everything we need. The VIEWPR Ambassador Program allows me to share Puerto Rico's most beatiful places for the world to see, and that I admire."
Eric Rodríguez (Photographer)
"There is nothing like Puerto Rico, and it is amazing the different ways that we can showcase the island. Is for me a privilege to live here and have blood Taína running through my veins. We have the best people and experiences in the world so that's what I am going to showcase as an Ambassador. "
Lydette Lanzó (Storyteller)
"There's so much to Puerto Rico beyond San Juan! Being a VIEWPR Ambassador, I have the opportunity to showcase the island through my eyes. Highlighting what makes every part of the island special, allows me to explore everything we have to offer. It is truly out of the ordinary and it's a pleasure for me to be part of it."
Paul González (Storyteller & Photographer)
"As a VIEWPR Ambassador I want to share the culinary experiences of my home country, Puerto Rico. Through its gastronomy we all can understand the culture, our history and be amazed of what we have to offer to the world. "
Nicole Rivera (Explorer)
"I work with advertising, content and social networks, and there is no better promotion than "word of mouth", comments and shared experiences to create trust in a product, a service or in this case, a destination. I believe that Puerto Rico is much more than beaches, Morro and El Yunque."
Daniela Valdés (Photographer)
"Being a VIEWPR ambassador is important to me because it gives me a chance to make a positive contribution to Puerto Rico's economy and tourism industry. Puerto Rico has so much to offer as a destination for every kind of traveler, and I want to be able to share that with others..."

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