About Us

Visitor Economy Facts

According to the WTTC, case studies proved that tourism reduces poverty, benefits local enterprises and improves the quality of life of the communities without a negative impact on the environment and culture.


According to the WTTC, in 2016, tourism contributed $8.1 billion to the Puerto Rican economy.


Tourism makes up for more than 10% of our GNP.


In 2016, the visitor economy generated over 68,500 direct, indirect and induced jobs in Puerto Rico.


According to the WTTC, PR is estimated to attract 3.8 million visitors in 2017.


Puerto Rico is the second largest tourist destination in the Caribbean.


Puerto Rico has a 14% market-share of all tourism in the Caribbean.



The Visitor Information and Experience Warehouse of Puerto Rico (“VIEWPR”) is a non-profit effort, driven by Foundation for Puerto Rico, that seeks to attract more visitors to the island and extend their stay by sharing new and reliable information with travel platforms across the world.


Our research shows that one of the biggest challenges to develop the Visitor Economy in Puerto Rico is that most of our tourism and travel information is not readily available online. We found that many local businesses do not market themselves online and a great number of those who do, are only available on Facebook, for Spanish speaking audiences. Here the numbers:


Over 65% of travelers’ research online before they decide where or how they want to travel.


Only 30% of our total travel experiences have global online visibility in English.


Puerto Rico has one of the most diverse travel offers in the Caribbean with over 10,000 unique experiences.

What We Do

To transform Puerto Rico into a premier world travel destination, first we must show the world all the unique and wonderful travel experiences the Island has to offer. By having updated, comprehensive travel information of Puerto Rico, potential travelers will be inspired to visit us and stay for a longer time.

Our Partners and Collaborators

VIEWPR is a collaborative and continuous effort that requires the contribution and commitment of all sectors of the economy.
Foundation for Puerto Rico made a call to all institutions and individuals to share resources and data to accomplish our first step in transforming Puerto Rico into a destination for the world.
We thank all of you who generously contributed with resources, media, and data that we transformed into complete listings to provide reliable information to travel platforms.

This initiative can only be possible with the support of:


Active Media Group
Véronique Descombes, CEO
Founding Partners, Strategy and Technology Development

Jorge Martínez - Senior Management Consultant
Technology Development & Technical Advisor

Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Carla Campos, CMO
State Historic Preservation Office
Carlos Rubio - Executive Director
Historic Data and Media
Santurce es Ley
Alexis Bousquet - Director
Vanessa Quiñones - CEO
Tu Centro Jayuya
Giamary Oliveras
Data and Media
Vieques Municipality
Hon. Víctor M. Emeric
Data and Media
Arecibo Municipality
Hon. Carlos Molina
Data and Media
Cidra Municipality
Hon. Javier Carrasquillo
Data and Media
Caguas Municipality
Hon. William E. Miranda
Data and Media
Lares Municipality
Hon. Roberto Pagán
Data and Media
Aguadilla Municipality
Hon. Carlos Méndez Martínez
Data and Media
Isabela Municipality
Hon. Carlos Delgado
Data and Media

Meet the Team

To jumpstart this initiative, VIEWPR combines the talents of Foundation for Puerto Rico’s highly skilled professionals with those of our founding partners, advisory board and collaborators to join minds, efforts and resources to achieve our goal of transforming Puerto Rico into a world class destination and in doing so, improve our economy and quality of life.

Meet the team from Foundation for Puerto Rico who made this project possible:

Jon Borschow, Foundation for Puerto Rico Chairman
Computer Engineer, successfully retired entrepreneur and committed philanthropist that aspires to change our economic trajectory towards a better future.

A visionary that built a successful business leveraging on innovation to serve its customer’s needs, while implementing new technological tools. He works towards seeing Puerto Rico’s transformation into a premier destination to the world.
Damaris Ocasio, Chief Operating Officer
Passionate in everything she does and is committed to supporting the Transformation of PR, because she is convinced that Puerto Rico has all the necessary assets to be successful. At FPR has participated in the strategy planning process over the years, leading multiple projects of the organization. Has over 20 years of experience in multiple industries and roles that have allowed her to lead highly complex projects where technology and innovation have been key to success. Damaris has a Bachelor in Accounting from the University of PR, programming knowledge and is a member of the College of CPA of PR.
Francis Pérez, Program Manager - VIEWPR
Financial services professional who after working several years in financial model validation and governance, underwriting, project management, market research and CRM management, returned to Puerto Rico to improve the island’s economic prosperity and competitiveness. Now working at FPR, he envisions that VIEWPR will be a tool which will provide Puerto Rico a competitive edge over other jurisdictions.
Mariany González, VIEWPR Alliances and Initiatives Associate
Responsible for the initiatives and alliances for the VIEWPR project and the recruitment of people interested in helping the island by publishing Puerto Rico’s travel destinations, which arouse visitors to explore more of our island. Conscious about the importance of tourism and its economic benefit for any country, decided to make hospitality, her profession. She has a bachelor's degree in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Johnson and Wales University in Miami, FL.
Rafael Varas Báez, Program Associate - VIEWPR Validation & Team Coordinator
Rafael’s analytic skill helps him assemble all the fine tourist attractions, gastronomy, accommodation sites and more in Puerto Rico. With the help of knowledgeable professionals volunteering and the FPR Internship programs he has gathered more than 10,000 destinations on the island. “Learning about our island economic problem fist hand has motivated me to work on how to solve this problem, VIEWPR it’s the way to start.”
Nelson Villalobos, VIEWPR Fellow
Nelson has a Bachelor's Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with a focus in Tourism Culture from the University of Puerto Rico, Carolina Campus. He possesses several years of experience in the tourism industry. His love and respect for Puerto Rico and its people motivate him everyday. Nelson decided to become a Tour Guide in order to educate Puerto Ricans and visitors about everything the island has to offer as a destination. His greatest desire is to show Puerto Rico as a destination for the world.
Geraldo Pérez, VIEWPR Fellow
With an interdisciplinary background in computer science, content creation and social media marketing, Geraldo has created a unique value proposition that allows him to work on a wide range of challenging projects, such as VIEWPR. He has worked with startups internationally and runs a freelance business on the side.
Lydette Lanzó, VIEWPR Content Creator
Written word is the best way to give permanence to an experience, a feeling or a moment. For this very reason, Lydette as a content creator for VIEWPR, has the opportunity to exalt Puerto Rico's assets in hopes to turn it into a top destination for the world. After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico with a bachelor's degree in Journalism, Lydette uses her skills in writing, critical analysis and social media knowledge to offer the best results for the platform.

Special thanks to all our contributors:

Naming everybody who supported this effort would be a never-ending task but we must recognize the extraordinary contribution of a group of dedicated professionals who committed long hours and resources to this endeavor.

We must acknowledge the selfless contribution of all who supported our vision and made the dream of one day having a tool to promote Puerto Rico as one of the formidable destinations in the world.

These are our collaborators, who gave selflessly and beyond our expectations and to whom we will always be grateful:

Jorge Martínez

BI & Software Development Director at Truenorth Corporation

True believers, their support was instrumental in the architecture and conceptualization of VIEWPR while working with an Agile methodology and the development of the Smart Processing tool and non-structured databases.

Mariela Martínez

PE Chief Information Officer Cardinal Health

A leader in the computer engineering community. Mariela led the technical research and volunteers team since 2014, with an invaluable desire to support her country even from more than 4,000 miles away. She continuously inspires many others to join this effort.

Félix Lugo

General Manager CwC Network

Provided strategic technical support and outreach to potential partners to increase Puerto Rico’s visibility to the world. Since the beginning Felix believe in the possibilities this kind of innovation brings to our island.

Herbert Lewy

Country Manager & Chief Digital Transformation Officer Microsoft

From day one he saw the potential of this formidable tool and made it possible for VIEWPR to access Microsoft tools while making himself available to guide and convene additional volunteers from the IT sector to accelerate this initiative.

Véronique Descombes

CEO at Active Media Group, Inc.

A group of forward-thinking designers and developers bringing creativity and passion to their customer’s digital strategies and interactive communications; they played a key role in helping shape the public face of VIEWPR.