Welcome to VIEWPR
The Visitor Information and Experience Warehouse of Puerto Rico (“VIEWPR”) is a non-profit effort propelled by Foundation for Puerto Rico, that seeks to attract more visitors to the island and extend their stay by sharing new and reliable information with travel platforms across the world.

What is VIEWPR?

An innovative digital infrastructure platform that houses the most robust compilation of Visitor Economy data.

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We support Business Owners and Travel Providers

Imagine that all the benefits of having your business visible to millions of travelers from around the world. Learn how to upload your information, attract new visitors and benefit your community as well.

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We connect with Developers & Travel Platforms

Find thousands of authentic, proven experiences and destinations for your website or App distributed electronically.

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How we benefit Puerto Rico

VIEWPR seeks to serve as a web-based, multi user tool to support the development of the Visitor Economy. Among the benefits for Puerto Rico are:

Centralized, up-to-date and relevant information about Puerto Rico’s unique places and experiences.

Increased global awareness of Puerto Rico’s many attractions, vibrant culture and authentic experiences.

The two-way data exchange with top international travel platforms allows VIEWPR to have the most reliable and up-to-date information.

Encourages tourism spread to reach non-traditional regions.

Facilitates research and analysis focused on the Visitor Economy.

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As a Venue Manager
Search for your business, claim it and manage your information.
Become an Ambassador
Become a spokesperson of your community by sharing places and their stories to potential visitors from around the world of all the wonders they can experience in your town.
As a Developer and Travel Platform
To start collaborating simply request an API key and access the most reliable Visitor Economy data center.

Our Ambassadors

Meet the people who are actively leading their community’s asset-based development.

Adriana Jiménez
“I love having the opportunity to talk to local entrepreneurs. It is an experience that helped me become aware of the potential of our island.”
Andrés Villeta
“Having the opportunity to develop my creative skills while contributing to the economic development of my island has been one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

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